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brendan moran

LinkedIn Recommendation:  “Warren is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. We’ve worked together over several years and I have found him to be thorough, hardworking, non-alarming, dependable and honest. I highly recommend Warren and his team for sewer line inspections. He is the best in the business.”  Brendan Moran – REALTOR® with Kentwood Real Estate (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Did I expect to love my sewer pipe inspector? I did not. I wondered what sort of person would do this for a living? Well, I’ll tell you: Someone who gives a damn. Warren was thorough, professional, and frankly, really nice. He also saved me THOUSANDS of dollars. You really need someone honest to do this for you, whether you’re a buyer or a seller of a house being inspected. Whatever you do, DON’T go with a company that does both the inspection and the repair. I learned this lesson the easy way because Warren taught it to me. if you like your Baby Ruths…go with Pipe Spies!!!”  Annik Stahl – May 2016, 5-Star Google+ Review. 

January 25, 2016 — Pipe Spies, Inc.® has been selected for the 2015 Best of Littleton Award in the Plumbing Category. Each year, the Best Businesses of Littleton Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local co

,img alt="best of littleton award plumbing">mmunity and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Littleton area a great place to live, work and play. Read more…



LinkedIn Recommendation:  Kristine HolvickWith a majority of my volume assisting homeowners with buying and selling historical properties I find Warren’s expertise invaluable. Time and time again his experience and knowledge have provided my clients with opportunities to correct expensive sewer repairs and/or replacements prior to closing on their properties. He is a true professional and is sincere in providing quality service. Kristine Holvick – Broker Associate (Linkedin Recommendation)

“I would recommend everyone use Pipe Spies before having to make a very important decision on replacing a sewer line. We were told by other companies that we nee,img alt="customer">ded to budget and prepare ourselves for a replacement line.

Pipe Spies is an independent company and when we reviewed my sewer line, we found absolutely no problems with the clay pipe. We took our time and watched the screen and stopped at all the joints to discuss small roots and everything was perfect and intact. Phew, this was great news to hear! Pipe Spies emailed me the video and .PDF report after our scheduled appointment. For an honest review on your sewer line, you should definitely hire Pipe Spies.” Megan Wright – October 2015 South Denver, CO Homeowner (5-Star Facebook Review)

casey franklin“Pipe Spies was an absolute delight to work with. They were prompt, efficient, professional and friendly. They offered to download the video file of my pipes right onto my laptop so I could view the inside of my pipes immediately. I would highly recommend Pipe Spies to anyone!” Casey Franklin – 2015 Highlands Ranch, CO Homeowner (5-Star Google+ Review)

Square Customer Comments:

“Thanks for the quick turn-around. The technician was professional and understandable to a layman.” – Vic V.

“The tech<img alt="square">nician was super friendly.” – Square Customer

“GREAT communication and excellent service!” – Square Customer


Pipe Spies, Inc.® was voted THE BEST VIDEO PIPE INSPECTORS in Colorado with the Experience Pros Radio Show for 2015.  After having been vetted across a 16-layer accreditation process, we were approved from a customer service point of view to be listed in the Experience Pros Extreme Customer Service Directory.

experience pros

An Experience Pros Review:

sandra shayler colorado realtor“I have worked with Pipe Spies for several years and would not be without Warren and his great team. They have saved many of my buyers from buying a home that has a defective sewer, by using their camera and mobile technology to look into the underground pipes of homes and spot blockages or breaks. They have also done last minute inspections for me at 6am in the morning. Thanks Pipe Spies!”  Sandra Shayler – Colorado REALTOR®, Accent Real Estate Team – Equity Colorado

<img alt="realtor">“My real estate team and I have turned to Warren and Pipe Spies for our sewer inspections for several years now. Aside from his friendly nature and outgoing personality, Warren is a true expert and professional when it comes to interpreting the condition of sewer systems.

Numerous are the times we’ve hired Warren to re-scope a line for one of our listings that was first scoped by a discount contractor who utilized sub-par equipment and misinterpreted the inspection results. Warren is honest and realistic.

As a real estate broker, I have to feel confident in the contractors I recommend to my clients, and referring our clients to Pipe Spies is a no-brainer for us.” Bailey Dolian – Licensed Real Estate Broker, ERBTEAM, RE/Max of Cherry Creek, Inc. 

nancy greager“Damn, you are so good at what you do!  Please don’t ever retire!”  Nancy Greagor, CNE – 5280 Five Star REALTOR®, 2010-2014, PorchLight Real Estate Group


dina barnum“I can see why you come highly recommended.  It is nice to be able to find professionals to work with my clients.”  Dina Barnum – REALTOR®, Barnum Properties

“Warren at Pipe Spies has always been pleasant, very professional and works very hard to be available, accommodating, and provides his reports quickly. He will even feed you Baby Ruth bars if you are hungry!”  Caterina S. – REALTOR®, Re/Max Professionals (Five-Star Facebook Review)


“Pipe Spies is the best value for getting your sewer lines inspected and video recorded! Warren was on time, super-friendly and more important, was professional. He walked me through what he was doing, let me watch the video as he was recording it, and basically gave me a tour of the problems with my pipe in real time. He answered every question I had, and then handed me a dvd of the video when he was finished. There are other companies out there, but I can’t imagine them being as good as Pipe Spies!”  Anthony Heideman –  2014 Denver Home Buyer (Five Star Customer Review on Facebook and Google+)

stacey schuster“Your professionalism and commitment to your clients is top notch!  I appreciate all you do and for making my job as a REALTOR® that much easier and more rewarding.”  Stacey Schuster – Broker/REALTOR®, Equity Colorado Real Estate

“Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to refer my clients to you. You were very professional, on time and fast.”  Julie L. – REALTOR®

julie felsen“Thank you so much for your excellent sewer scope service at my buyer’s under-contract property.  Your patience with my clients and their questions is greatly appreciated!  It’s obvious you love what you do.”  Julie Felsen – Broker Associate/REALTOR®, Equity Colorado Real Estate

“Pipe Spies went above and beyond to make sure the job was done with 100% accuracy. We were so impressed with their professionalism and level of service.  When the inspection was finished, we had complete confidence in the results.”  Melissa E. – Home Buyer

gina viveiros“I have referred Warren with Pipe Spies for several years and he has always done a great job for my clients. Having been a real estate agent since 1995, I have worked with many sewer camera companies and I immediately noticed a difference in Warren’s ability and professionalism. One of the things that I liked best is that he truly is an unbiased third party as he is not a plumber that does repairs or a sewer line cleaning company. He does not gain from the outcome of the condition of the sewer line so he just tells it like it is.

Unfortunately, when someone does a good job for us time and time again we begin to take it for granted. It was not until recently that I realized Warren’s true worth. One of my clients hired another company to camera the sewer line of the house that they were purchasing and the company detected a small problem but could not specifically identify it. The seller hired another company to come in, clean the line, re-camera and provide a report that everything was okay. The City commented that neither video was of very good quality but that they suspected there was a problem. Finally, the listing broker and I called Warren to come in and video the line. Warren was able to pinpoint exactly what the problem was and see that the entire sewer line needed replacement. This saved the buyer thousands of dollars and although the seller was not happy about the news, all were happy to have saved problems and legal action down the road. Over the years, I have worked with at least 10 different sewer camera companies and Warren far exceeds them all.”  Gina Viveiros – Employing Broker, Discover Real Estate, LLC

“You’re my #1 sewer scope company!”  Sharon R. – REALTOR®

“I’m shocked there aren’t more reviews here. Warren and his guys rock! They were early, already started the job before I got there and were very into what they were doing. Did their job, scoped the sewer line, found the leaks, and educated me on the process. And if you don’t like their ‘leave behind gift’, you are just plain dookie. They only scope, they don’t fix. Just plain good Pipe Spies!”  Kathryn K. – Denver, CO Home Buyer – 5-Star Online Directory Review, December 2014

“We enlisted Pipes Spies’ services three times in our home search.  The first home was in a nice covenant-protected community in Littleton.  It was less than 8 years old and had a long run to the sewer main.  Pipe Spies showed us some serious issues regarding the sewer system.  The second home looked even nicer, but the inspection by Pipe Spies discovered that there was a serious blockage in the underground pipes due to the ground slumping between the home and the sewer main.  The quotes we received to fix this problem came in at $10,000, so we decided to reject this home as well.  The third home was also well-designed and built.  The Pipe Spies video inspection showed that it had no plumbing problems of any kind.  That, coupled with the regular home inspection, clearly showed that this home was in A-1 condition.  I am a licensed professional engineer, and hold multiple degrees and certifications.  I hold Pipe Spies in high regard for being polite, thorough, and for their demonstrated knowledge. The technician was always on time, courteous, watchful and extremely professional.  Bottom line:  Pipe Spies saved us big time.  I have no reservations about recommending Pipe Spies to others for any home plumbing inspection need.”  Dr. Phil K. – 2009 Highlands Ranch Home Buyer

“You are the only sewer inspection company on the vendor list I send to my clients.”  Pat W. – REALTOR®

“I contacted Pipe Spies after the purchase of my new home to ensure all was well before our warranty ran out. Warren from Pipe Spies thoroughly and efficiently checked our system. He explained what he was doing and the results as he progressed. His inspection found a minor low spot under our basement floor. Though I chose not to have this fixed, Warren described how best to keep materials from building up in the low spot. I was thankful to know we did not have a major problem since settling can easily occur with newly constructed homes and I wanted to know if that might have created an issue for us before our warranty had run out. Pipe Spies’ professionalism rounds out the peace of mind I now have with my sewer pipeline.”   David Schlottman – Parker, CO Home Owner, Google+ Five Star Review

“Thanks for the great, accurate job you do!  Saving REALTORS® lawsuits one sewer line at a time.”  Sylvia T. – Colorado REALTOR®

“I appreciate your accommodating our crazy schedules and staying late. We will definitely call on you for future properties and recommend your services.”  Braiden D. – President and Greater Denver Area Independent Broker

“We will highly recommend you!”  George & Barb W. – REALTORS®

“Thanks for taking such great care of our client!  You really saved the day.  I appreciate your hard work and flexibility.  I appreciate you!”  Ann M. – REALTOR®

“In our industry, it is so very important to have a trusted and talented team of vendors.  Other companies offer this service; however, I have only worked with one that offers accuracy and professionalism consistently.  I recommend Pipe Spies with complete confidence at every opportunity.”  Kristine H. – REALTOR®

“Thanks so much for your quick response for our inspection.  Hope to work with you again in the future.”  Bonnie E. – Broker Associate

“Thanks so much for a thorough and competent job.  Buying a home is scary, especially for first timers.  What you do makes a critical difference in so many ways!  Your organization and professionalism saved the day.  Thanks for being the top man on the job.”  Karla J. – REALTOR®

 “I wanted to let you know how professional Warren, with Pipe Spies, has been to work with. We have worked with him in the past and scheduled another inspection yesterday. It shows that how in this day and age of hard economic times, that there are still some stellar individuals out there that we work with.  Thank you for referring him to us.”  Randy K. – Broker Associate

“Thanks so much for your ‘expertise’ in helping my buyers ‘read’ the sewer scope from another company.  You’re the best!”  Pam T. – Broker Associate

“We value you and the great service you offer.  We can’t do it without you — you’re a great partner!”  Sherri H. – Broker/Owner

“Without your hard work and dedication we would not be able to meet our dates and deadlines.  Thank you for helping us get the job done without any worries and in the least amount of time!”   Shelley B. – REALTOR®

“Thanks for all your great service for my home buyers.”  Jo M. – Colorado REALTOR®

“Thanks for ‘squeezing’ in the scope and for always taking good care of me and my clients.  I very much appreciate it!”  Erin J. – Broker Associate

“Thanks so much for the quick rescue and great service last week.  It’s great to see you doing well.”  Denise K. – Broker Associate

“You have been a great ally and saved my clients some substantial $$$.  Keep up the great work!”  Dan E. – Broker Associate

“You inspected/scoped a sewer for my clients in Aurora.  I simply wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  My clients were thrilled.  I like to let other professionals know when they’ve done outstanding work.”  Shirley J. – REALTOR®

“Pipe Spies is my #1 pick for sewer line inspections. The technicians know what they’re doing and have great communication skills.  Their reports present the facts in a concise and understandable manner for my clients.”   Terry L. – REALTOR®

“Pipe Spies is by far the most competent sewer inspection company I have found in the Denver/Boulder area.  They are the best!  Thanks for your professional, courteous and prompt service!”  Digger B. – REALTOR®

*All quotes are documented and photos used with permission.