New Home Warranty

Brochure for Pipeline Inspection before Warranty Expiry

Pipeline Inspection Before Warranty Expiration

You built a new home and protected your investment and its first years with a warranty. While you are still covered by the warranty, let our field technicians perform a sewage and pipeline inspection. Sewage and pipe systems are hidden underground and problems could go undetected for a long time before they are discovered. Let Pipe Spies help you protect the investment you have made by inspecting your pipelines.

Technicians use state-of-the-art video to capture any hidden problems in your pipeline. You’ll want to know the facts before the warranty on your home expires so they can be addressed in a timely fashion. We are not repairmen, therefore our report is unbiased, independent and we will not try to sell you anything.

Once we complete the thorough inspection, you’ll be given a detailed report of our findings including a high-definition video of the footage we captured.

Contact us to get your pipeline inspection before the warranty expires.