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Pipe Spies, Inc.® has been providing video pipe inspection services since 2008. Based in Littleton, Colorado servicing the Denver Metro and Colorado front range areas.

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As experts in our field, we have a proven track record having completed over 10,000 residential and commercial property inspections.  We are the preferred provider for many REALTORS®, Home Inspectors and other professionals due to our experience, unbiased reporting and honesty.

So, what exactly is a sewer scope?

A Pipe Spies, Inc.® sewer scope is a high quality video inspection of a home’s (or commercial property’s) sewer lines. It’s Conducted by running a specialized camera down the line from the house to the city sewer connection at the street or septic tank to the leach field. The camera allows the technician to record video, which will be used to show if the line is in need of maintenance, repair, replacement or if it’s in good working condition.

It is well worth the peace of mind knowing that there are no costly repairs that may be lurking underground. Let us “spy” on your sewer pipes by calling 303-795-3630  for your video pipe inspection services.


Let us save you a headache by providing:

  • Residential and Commercial Video Pipeline Inspections:  A main line sewer scope inspection entails a video camera “snaking” through the inside of the pipeline. The camera has a start point to an end point and comes back, all the while recording its journey.  A residential or commercial inspection includes a high resolution video scope, and a PDF report with embedded color video.
  • Septic System Scope:  A septic system is an onsite wastewater treatment system used to treat wastewater from a home or business. It returns treated wastewater to a receiving environment. A septic system inspection includes a high resolution video scope along with a PDF report with embedded color video of the associated lateral pipes from the house or property to the septic tank, and from the septic tank to the leachfield. Contact a certified septic systems specialist for certification, pumping and use permits.
  • Perimeter Drain Scope:  A perimeter drain is a 3″ or 4″ perforated plastic pipe that goes around the perimeter (either inside or outside) of a foundation wall (before backfill). It collects and diverts ground water away from the foundation.  These inspections save your home from water damage associated with non-compliance drainage issues.
  • locatorPipe Location:  Pipe Spies can easily locate and mark where a problem spot is with a sewer or drain line. Using green flags or paint (in compliance with the APWA Uniform Color Code for Marking Underground Utility Lines). Depths below the surface are also noted for excavation purposes. However, Pipe Spies does not perform repairs or excavations.
  • Second Opinion Inspection:  Just like a car mechanic recommends additional, unnecessary, expensive services when you take the car in for an oil change, sometimes plumbers and excavation companies do the same thing.  As an unaffiliated sewer pipeline inspection company, we’ll give you the good, the bad and the ugly, plain and simple.  

Why Get a Second Unbiased Opinion? 

With more and more plumbers and excavators acquiring camera systems, we have seen an increase demand to provide second opinion scopes.  Approximately 80% (by far the majority) of our findings differ from the original scope.  These original scopes are usually performed by a company with a direct conflict of interest.  The technicians appear to be very good in developing a convincing narrative during the inspection showing that an otherwise good sewer line needs replacement — even while the customer is watching the video screen with the technician.

  • Third-Party Reviews:  We have completed numerous impartial third-party reviews for buyers and sellers who are at an impasse. For a residential property, you can choose a verbal review or a verbal review and written report.
  • Re-Inspect:  A re-inspect of a sewer main previously inspected by Pipe Spies includes a written report, color video recording, and locations of problem spots and areas.
  • Additional Lateral Line Scope:  The need to access additional lateral lines occurs in less than 3% of the residential real estate transaction inspections completed; usually where a property sits on a larger lot with a long sewer line requiring more than 200 feet of camera push rod.  These sewer lines usually have additional access points along the sewer route.
  • Service Area:  We service customers within a 35-mile radius of Littleton zip code 80126.  An additional fee applies beyond the service area.  Distance restrictions may apply.

We provide unbiased, no conflict of interest inspection services.

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